Diary of a disaster

Grohe toilet buttons in box

What do you reckon this bit of plastic cost? I just spent about $ 1000 on a button for a in wall toilet! The tale is like a Dr Seusss story

We had recently fitted out an architectural bathroom. Above the vanity basins we had a cabinet recessed into the wall with close fitting mirrored doors. The effect is that the mirrors hide the cabinet behind. The mirror operate with the push of a finger and have no visible hinges or catches or handles. Pretty smooth stuff.. Until……


Secure the mirror until the silicone is cured!

One of the great problems with the building industry is that most knowledge is passed from person to person verbally. So in this case the simple instruction was “silicone the mirrors to the cabinet doors.”. It should have been “silicone the mirrors and secure them until the silicone is cured.”


Here’s where we get to the Dr Seuss part. The mirror slips off the cabinet door about twenty minutes after being fitted. It hits the tap below, scratching it beyond salvage and then landing on the basin edge. It narrowly misses the basin before shearing off the toilet buttons and wrecking the toilet.


The button itself was under $ 200 dollars, but it had to be couriered at $ 30. The mirror was replaced by the nufty who fitted it. The tap handle was $ 70 the toilet pan was $ 350 and the plumber took care of the rest.


I need a beer.


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      Brian how can I help? Marcus

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    Sorry to hear about that disaster, mate. I could only imagine the horror.