Take off you beret and take a bow

I just love a man wearing  a beret without any sense of irony.

Lawrence-Nield architect and editor







This is Lawrence-Nield who has just been awarded Australian Architect of the year.

“His career combines a prolific and continued output of significant architecture and urban design projects with services to the AIA and academic and teaching achievements, including a distinguished list of writings and publications”

A full report is available at the excellent Architecture source site.

So how can you be a contributing editor to distinguished publications, a professor and award winning member of the architecture community and still have the dress sense of a house brick?

Can you picture the rows and rows of black polo necks in his closet? We have met his type before.

Long suffering Architects wife “Don’t forget that  photo shoot for the big award today”

The beret wearer “Yes I want to make a big impression”

Long suffering Architects wife ” What are you going to wear?”

The beret wearer “I thought I might dress like Phillip Adams”

Long suffering Architects wife “Bravo dear, tu es mon héros”


Jody Brown is going to sigh heavily.


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