Did you see it with your own eyes?


My father, who was also  a builder, had a  saying, “Did you see it with your own eyes?” He was very strong on this point, particularly in relation to building supervision.  A supplier may have sent something but that didn’t mean it arrived unless you saw it with your own eyes. The brickie says he has finished all the sills but did you see it with your own eyes?

The same apparently goes for stolen cars!

The story goes that this resident of South Australia bought a new car. After just two days he parked it at his local shops and went for a stroll. He was extremely piqued to find it missing on his return. He reported it to police but they didn’t discover much over the coming weeks.

A local family, returning from holidays, also called the police when they found their garage door had been  busted off its tracks. Inside the garage the police found the missing car . The car had rolled across the road from where the man had left it, busted the garage door off its tracks, and came to a stop inside the garage. Two cases solved in one fell swoop.

Constable Kynan Lang inspects the garage which the 'stolen' car rolled into at Stirling. Pic: Naomi Jellicoe AdelaideNow

The stolen car made me think of a classic example of  Did you see it with your own eyes.

I had a client who’s evaporative cooling system wasn’t working very effectively. They rang to say it seemed to be blowing warm air.

“It’s blowing hot air!”

Now sometimes clients can get a little confused, particularly with new gadgets. They  say the garage door won’t  open and  when you arrive, they have their  their tongue sticking out  on one side and are theatrically waving the window remote  at the garage door. Somewhere the blinds are madly opening and closing, but the garage door stays firmly shut.

However I had good reason to think this client was probably right as he was a careful, studious sort of fellow. Evaporative coolers are pretty simple things. they only need cool water  and electricty. On inspection the unit was indeed blowing warm air and so I investigated further. When I got up in the roof the problem was immedietly evident. My plumber had connected HOT water to the unit. The unit was diligently adding warm water into the air stream as the people underneath sweltered through a long hot night.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.



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    I’d be piqued ifi forgthe hand brake too! Great story x