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Frank Lloyd Wright designed Coonley House 1909

A home by my favourite Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright,  is coming up for sale. At around $ 200,000 it is well under the usual asking price range of $1.5 to $4 million.

With less than 400 Lloyd Wright buildings still in existence the homes are widely valued and are virtually collected.

The house is one in a row of six similar houses on Milwaukee’s south side known as the American System-Built Homes, which Wright designed as part of his drive to provide affordable housing. The homes were produced from factory-cut materials assembled onsite.



Lloyd Wright homes are so collectable that they are normally sold on specialised real estate websites.

Frank Lloyd wright was famous for designs that showed homes in harmony with their natural surrounds. They are often strikingly beautiful and at times strangely stark. His Prairie style was particularly well regarded. These are the homes that spring to mind when we think of Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie style home

Copies of these homes are still attempted today more than fifty years after his death. I had one designed myself a few years ago but it was an imitation only. The sense of space and light was not possible on the small scale we attempted.

Australians will know one of his early draftsmen,Walter Burley Griffin who designed our nations capital, Canberra.

Private life

His private life was colourful, with Kitty, a devoted wife of more than twenty years, six children and a lover Mamah Cheney.

Frank designed a house for Edwin Cheney, an electrical engineer and his neighbour.  Frank fell for his Cheney’s wife, Mamah  Cheney. Mamah  was what my mother would call trouble, a modern woman with interests outside the home. Frank viewed her as his intellectual equal.

The lovers were less than discreet and a scandal ensued. They fled to Europe for the year 1909 and Lloyd Wright abandoned his practice.This has to be read in the context of the very early 1900’s where Mamahs husband refused a divorce and Kitty Lloyd Wright refused to one for her famous husband. Sadly the affair had  a brutal end when  a male servant  set fire to the living quarters of wright’s home Taliesin and murdered Mamah and six others with an axe as they attempted to escape the fire.

Lloyd Wright lived to be 91 and if I live to that age I will spend all of it as an admirer of his work


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  • Mads

    I love his Water House with a cascade under the house.