Bet you can’t build a beach!

When my local beach was closed recently due to a crocodile sighting, I just turned around and went home because when you live in the tropics, there is always tomorrow.

Crocodile at beach

But I felt sorry for the tourists who had obviously been looking forward to time spent on the beach working off their Melbourne winter tans. Sure they could still lie around in the sun but they would be risking life and limb to cool off in the water with a rogue.

That got me thinking about how we build things for convenience just for occasions like a stray crocodile or two. Then I stumbled across an article on Ocean Dome in Miyazaki, Japan. There’s a great line in the story that says, “If you can’t find a nearby crowded beach, make one!”
Artificial beach built in Japan

This is perhaps the largest water park in the world: an indoor beach where the sky is always blue; the air temperature is set around 30°C courtesy of a retractable roof; the water is always at a perfect temperature around 28°C; the surf is constant; the sand is crashed marble so you don’t get it stuck in your bikinis; and there is even a volcano that spits out flames and creates waves.

This does all come at a price though, starting at around US$50 per person. The irony is that there is an actual beach only about 300 metres away.

Interior of artificial beach
My theory is there was probably one too many crocs spotted or maybe it was just a builder, an architect and an engineer having a beer and one said to the others, “Bet you can’t build a beach”.

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