Everthing old is new again

imagesHouse building is going in an interesting direction. More and more we are seeing houses becoming smaller and smaller.  This may be due to the burgeoning of urban populations, and a desire more and more homeowners feel to make their space as effective as possible. Everything is becoming more efficient, more nature oriented and smarter. Eco-friendly houses are becoming more and more popular and a movement for resourcefulness is becoming a big focal point for a lot of upcoming construction trends. These two trends are lending themselves to more alternative building materials being used in construction. Continue reading

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Owner builder vs registered builder guarantees.

Does an owner builder have to guarantee work like a registered builder?

OB saw girlWhat exactly is an owner builder signing on for? What responsibilities will follow the owner if they sell within the six and a half year period?


The benefits of owner building are numerous, and most are based on saving money and keeping control. If the owner builder retains possession of their work for the full six and a half year period then everything is copacetic. However if they sell within that time, then they have some responsibilities to subsequent owners.

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Why are Australia’s pool regulations so tough?

Often I gepool fencet clients who are frustrated by the strict and complex pool fencing rules.  The rules cover barriers with non climbable zones, gates that must close from any position without assistance and shrubs that are not climbable. It often happens that a particular pool will fail to meet its requirements on two or three separate occasions.

Why are these regulations so tough? Continue reading

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Kids just don’t work hard anymore!

CET withbgrinder


Do you ever get sick of hearing how young people today don’t like hard work? With the right training and a little encouragement they work as hard as we ever did.


Nice use of personal protective equipment way.

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What in hell is a BAL (assessment)?

With parts of Victoria and NSW currently in flames and parts of Queensland under water it can only be summer time in Australia. The fire season sadly always finds people poorly prepared to face the significant dangers created by  a bushfire. Part of the approach to new home construction is a bushfire attack level (BAL) assessment.

Bushfire attack levels

The BAL assessment looks at four significant criteria and measures how vunerable the home will be to bushfire attack. The designer will then include various measures into the fabric of the building which are appropriate to the threat.

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Roof pitches, roof iron and careless tradesmen

Rain water is like idle teenagers!

Rainwater is like a teenager, if you let it stand around it will find a way to get into trouble. The answer is to keep it busy and the best way to keep it busy is with  a decent fall across your roof.

Different roof pitches mean you can use different roof coverings. Continue reading

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Diary of a disaster

Grohe toilet buttons in box

What do you reckon this bit of plastic cost? I just spent about $ 1000 on a button for a in wall toilet! The tale is like a Dr Seusss story

We had recently fitted out an architectural bathroom. Above the vanity basins we had a cabinet recessed into the wall with close fitting mirrored doors. The effect is that the mirrors hide the cabinet behind. The mirror operate with the push of a finger and have no visible hinges or catches or handles. Pretty smooth stuff.. Until…… Continue reading

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#170dayHouse day 170 handover! Show client how to run and care for his home. A beautifully finished house, well done to All .

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#170dayHouse day169 turf on site ready to lay, still no gas meter, most frustrations are service based! http://t.co/GKVJ6h3M

Turf rolls ready to lay

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#170dayHouse day167 brand new appliances delivered damaged happens all too frequently. Relax I know it wasn’t you! http://t.co/7lPcP8wl

Dented door panel on brand new fridge

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